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How To Check Your iPhone Carrier Through IMEI

There are various ways to check your iPhone Carrier in case you do not know which one was there... Checking is Helpful to for factory unlock your iPhone. It will also show if your iPhone is Locked/Unlocked "Lock/Unlock" Status.

Website link: Enter your IMEI and you will get all the info

Application: An application called iPic can be downloaded to your machine to check iPhone carrier which comes at a certain price. However, you can find cracked app as well

iPhone App: You can download app called iCarrier from AppStore and check your IMEIs for network and lock/unlock status

Source: Macrumors
Friday, February 14, 2014
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How To Spot Bad Quality iPhone 4/4s LCD Digitizer

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S LCD Digitizer  are a very hot commodity on the eBay marketplace, so learn the steps on how to spot a low quality assembly! Since almost 40% of all people with smartphones own an iPhone, it is very common to find people that have broken, cracked, or damaged their iPhone 4 screen . Us eBay sellers, are here to your rescue! Or at least, some make it seem that way. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of eBay sellers who pass off bargain knockoff replacement LCD Digitizer as high quality part, when in fact, some of these parts are so far off from being high quality that they barely even fit your phone!

When trying to look for the highest quality LCD Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 4 , its always important to take some things into consideration (I will explain and break down each one below so keep reading.) Some of these things may be readily available for you to check out, and others will take some investigating. But here are some questions you might want to ask yourself in order to protect yourself from buying a low quality part. What is the pricing? Where is the product located? Are both of the flex cables original? What is the return/ exchange policy? If they have a warranty, what does it cover? If you see a company that has a super-high rating, still make sure you check out their negative feedback to see if there have been any complaints about the part you are interested in. Now for the break-down, and why you should be asking these questions....

What is the pricing?

This is the most obvious question to ask yourself when looking for iPhone 4/4S LCD Digitizer. You see them range in price from $21-$35+. Obviously the buyer has many options in this case; they can go with the cheap product, the medium priced product, or the expensive product. Here's the thing, although you cant tell the quality of a product purely on price... Its a very good bet that if something is priced super low (even if they are claiming the product to be high quality, they may be taking some short cuts.) For example, the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer we carry, (sometimes called iPhone 4 replacement screen ) are priced in the middle of the price range mentioned. We run on slim profit margins so we can pass the savings on to our valued customers. The parts we carry are the absolute highest quality parts on the market. Everything from the LCD, to the digitizer, frame and Flex cables are very high quality. The bargain sellers may say theirs is OEM, but it may actually be a very low quality screen. This results in the ability for the seller to price their goods cheaper, but the buyer ends up getting a product that is not what they thought it was. In the long run, it will not come anywhere near performing like your original LCD Digitizer. We refuse to carry low quality parts because although they are less money, they do not perform well at all. Long story short, you get what you pay for. Beware of the bargain sellers!

Is the LCD original? Is it Retina Display?

One of the main reason people love iPhone's is because of their amazing retina display. We at DTCellParts HIGHLY recommend AGAINST using an iPhone LCD Digitizer assembly that uses an after-market display. The after-market displays are nothing like the original retina displays, and it will cause your iPhone's display to seem dull. The bargain sellers do not use original displays because they have to cut their costs. Our assemblies use only the original retina LCD displays so the screen displays a beautiful picture each and every time it is turned on. Don't waste your time with low quality LCD Digitizer assemblies that have cheap displays. Nothing compares to a true retina display!

Where is the product located?

Again, this is one of those factors that won't just tell you the quality of the product by looking. But, if you are buying the product out of the US, and the price is super, dirt cheap; be careful. I am not saying that all sellers in China sell low quality parts. In fact, there are plenty of sellers here in the US that do it. But what I am saying is that is where a lot of the low quality parts come from. And if for some reason you do buy from there, it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get any sort of return or exchange.

Are Both Flex Cables Original?

This is the #1 thing buyers should be looking for! The easiest way to tell if an iPhone 4/4S LCD Digitizer is low quality or not is to look at the flex bands attached to the LCD and Digitizer. Like I said above, some sellers buy iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer with low quality parts. If the digitizer's flex cable either does not have the part # or HF/e1, you have a low quality replacement. Some original flex cables will have the HF/e1 and part number, but will not have Apple printed on it. If you are using an assembly that has low quality flex cables, it can affect the performance, durability, and functionality of your iPhone in a very negative way. And chances are, if the the digitizer is low quality, then so is the frame, the flex cables, and the LCD. In this case, your better off not even installing the LCD Digitizer because it may easily short out your circuit board. The flex cable test is probably the easiest, and most effective way to tell if the product is low quality, but the issue is, you have to purchase the part before you check it.

What is the Return/ Exchange/ Warranty like?

With the iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer, you will see sellers offering all sorts of different sorts of warranties, or lack thereof. Some companies will say their parts are warrantied, however, the warranty will be pretty much useless when a problem arises. Let's get this straight, if a company offers a warranty like that, how is that warranty going to ensure the part works? If I purchase an iPhone 4/ 4S LCD Digitizer , and all of a sudden it has dead pixels, or marks on the LCD when it is tested, will these companies back it up with their "warranty"? DTCellParts offers a full Manufacturers Defect Warranty which covers against dead pixels, unresponsive touch, etc. We stand behind our parts 100%, and we guarantee every single item to be tested and defect free. Beware of buyers who have sketchy return/ exchange policies, it can be an easy trap to fall in and get stuck with a defective part.

So now that you've read all the ways to spot a low quality iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer, you should have no problem finding the right part that will perform like your original one! Thanks for reading, and I hope I was able to help some of you out! 
Monday, February 10, 2014
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